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something 2 say

it was great
and she was greater as well (i like this expression)
that's all
nothing else to say
i was thinking that multinational are not so bad
they just care of profit
but after profit they care of our society
if it is not like a perfect mechanism it won't work so
they will do the best to make our society work better
for them and for it
and she's still great
greater than them
cos she's not a multinational (i hope, i do hope)

ps: will i ever destroy my career with that? maybe, that is why life is so wonderful, isn't it?
she's just herself
and she lives for herself
and a little bit also for me
the one that want to do the best for her
so she know that in this world there's someone else
that is doing something just for her
only for her
nobody else
and he's great as well
cos he make me growh
thanks to his culture
thank to his believes
that are not the ones that appear from a speeach
but are deeply set on his own
and apperar just when it needs
thanks to everybody
maybe you're a part of god
that's why i do believe
and please, if i'm fool, just unuderstand me
this would mean that i just believe in you.
nothing else to say. goodbye baby.

rivisitato in stato di lucidità flessibile

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