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ru486 abortion pill: the vatican still fight it, against italian freedom

use ru486, don't listen to the vatican boss!

italy is one of the few western countries where ru486 pill for abortion is not sold. the vatican, that is a state fully indipendent where (unfortunately!) is spoken italian, even though latin is still the official language, is always fighting with few efforts against abortion.
italy is not a catholic country, but its politicians, almost all of them, are kind with catholic church recomandations.
it's time to say NO to any influence by vatican in our internal fact, starting to stop any funding to its activities in our country.
religion fundamentalism is far from a civilized country and italian politics, imposing religious views to anybody - just to gain power through churches influence on ignorant believers - constantly show us how we are unable to predict civilization in other countries.
abortion is not illegal, doesn't mean killing people. fucking is not forbidden so fuck as much as you can, showing to the white boss and to any other catholic fundamentalist how far you can be from his point of view. never forget to fight any religious fundamentalism.

what the vatican boss say about the pill

some information about ru486 and the situation in italy (italian)

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