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un deposito di materiale inerte... in attesa di essere riempito

Time is running out for the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, to arrange the final resting place for his ageing mother. At 95, Mamma Rosa is still sprightly. However, funeral laws are preventing the 24-place family sepulchre Mr Berlusconi built at his villa in Arcore. The leader said recently that the Cascella Mausoleum, created 30 years ago, had 24 places "because we are a big family".
A corridor lined with 1930s, fascist-style carvings leads down to an imposing square burial chamber. In the middle is a pink marble granite sarcophagus for Mr Berlusconi's immediate family. As an Italian director said in his film the structure was registered with the local planning authorities not as a family tomb, but as a "deposit for inert material"...
thanx to beppe grillo 4 reminding that and 4 the telegraph (an uk newspaper) 4 the detailed report.

E ti va un altra chicca? GUARDA QUESTO. E' il caimano o un suo sosia a inchiappettarsi l'incauta signora?

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