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Sci-Fi or a new colonial era to set up the New World Order?

Lebanon attacks can be a part of a huge strategy to implement the New World Order as theorized by George Bush senior on 11th September 1991. Ten years later there were the bombings, during the presidence of his son (who won the elections agains the democratic All Gore with many doubts about democracy...)
"The evidence indicates that 9-11 was an inside job, using Remote Controlled Airplanes and demolition bombs in the World Trade Towers, pulled off by traitorous elements within the US military that are loyal to the nation usurping the name "Israel" and to the worldwide Jewish Supremacist / Freemasonic financial Network. The purpose was -- and remains -- to initiate World War III by tricking Americans into supporting an series of attacks on the Arab world, to then keep US troops in the Mideast dying to protect Israel for the next generation, while the agenda for tyrannical World Government is pushed forward. For documentation please go to: 9-11 Cover-up Introduction" (...)
(Source: Real News 24/7).
In Italy, Paolo Attivissimo, a well-known blogger who investigate against false news on the web, doesn't agree with that thesis.
In the meanwhile,
"the 5 Big TV Networks and Almost Every Major Radio Station in the USA is now owned or controlled by anti-Christ Jewish Supremists (...) These Jewish-Supremists who run the Big Media outlets continue to maneuver the citizens of the USA towards the next step in their agenda for world domination" (Source: Real News 24/7) and thousands of innocent people are killed by US or israeli forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine... people must judge those facts.

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