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a populist collapse?

mr b again. it could be a new berlinguer. few days ago, he said on one of his newspaper, he would not be the right-coalition candidate anymore. his allies were pretty happy abouth that, his supporters couldn't believe that. then someone else corrected him and nothing happened but a huge press coverage for him.
sunday morning he was giving a speech to young supporters of his (populist) party and, during a very emotional part of his discourse, he collapsed, falling down on his legs. al quaeda supporters - and many of his oppositors - were partying for that. then he was able to recover and wave goodbye to people worried for his conditions. again a huge - international - press coverage for him.
keeping in mind many controversial facts about his life, it's obvious, even though it may appear undignified, to think about a conspiracy aiming at increasing popularity while swapping from a dynamic businessman to an old wise, strong, lucky and brave man proud to defend freedom in his country, ready to come back [more about berlusconi collapse on bbc news - video]. best wish to the truth.

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