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this year in italy the son of god will be ikea

two Italian conservative politicians, mantovano (AN) and quagliarello (FI) called for a christmas boycott of IKEA for not selling Nativity scenes. They seem very annoyed that the capital decide to be liberal and promote a strategy aimed at avoiding any religious discrimination. Their parties, actually, claims to be 'liberal' but are, in fact, close-minded and conservatives, since they strictly follow any directive coming out of the Vatican country. The fact that Ikea does not sell nativity scenes in Italy is good for the country, which, despite having a secular constitution and million of people agnostic or atheist - more milions of immigrants of religions other than catholics - still suffer a strong burden represented by the catholic establishment. IKEA said it had never sold Nativity scenes — featuring figures of the baby Jesus in a crib, Mary and Joseph, shepherds, animals and Three Kings bearing gifts — because it is "not part of the Scandinavian tradition" its shops promote (they still sell the xmas tree). So there is no 'anti-Catholic prejudice' at all. IKEA is a Swedish company, the largest furniture seller in the world - which has experienced the banning of many of its funny and famous tv commercials - and has got already 12 outlets in italy. again... god save ikea!

the first video shows a way to escape when politicians follow their own boss instead of their people: instead of changing head just change party! the second one is a famous commercial banned from tv...

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