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insane censorship over dolce & gabbana advertising

dolce & gabbana
the cunt clearly like submission [and the money ...and she's not the only one]. what would happen if there was a man instead? feminism is not founded on censorship, those self-righteous feminists fight sexual discrimination by excercising very well their demand of censorship. in countries generally bigot and far from being secular and civilized, like italy or spain, whenever something goes wrong, the first blame is posed on freedom of expression. now it's time to advertise my services: for any kind of female of any species, any age, breathing or not, fully experienced or not, even second [of more] hand, naturally apply within. must nsa, wild bondage guarantee. :P
CGIL contro dolce & gabbana accusati di antifemminismo [e se dolce & gabbana accusassero la cgil di terrorismo?] :: Dolce & Gabbana retira el anuncio y dice que España está "atrasada" :: Dolce & Gabbana angry at advertising campaign controversy in Spain

my answer is: borat santo subito! :)

sanremo anticlericale: volano bestemmie in diretta...

politically incorrect again: a swear - sound a bit southern, "porcuddiu!" - has been uttered before the albanian singer elsa lila started her performance. the reason could be a ringtone breaking the silence or a mistake by a technician... certainly it was heard by millions of italians watching the live event! Sanremo "scivolano" gli ascolti e scappa la bestemmia.

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Anonymous said...

the difference is that a man in the same situation would be happy, or better: h wouldn't find himself in this situation. Women are not respected the most of all, not men. Women are submitted and raped, not men. So you should see why some limits still exist