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istat: 12% delle famiglie italiane non possiede neppure un libro in casa

così va a finire che lo zoccolo duro di fi ha buttato via anche 'una storia italiana'? a buon intenditor poche ...memorie!
ingrati! vado a farmi un giro in macchina... anzi in moto :)

alfetta chasing in 'napoli violenta' (1976) definitely one of the best italian cops movies ever starring maurizio merli.

googlegoogle image labeler is a cool game. it reminds me some linguistic and visual imagery tests i've attended as interviewee for some phd researches in sheffield. be very quick. the test is also a very clever strategy by google to label images in it's visual search engine. there's no possibility of cheating. the worst could be no label at all. the best is an high result and many new labels. cos when they match they're a label, definitely.

memetica, the first italian website about memetic, is online - still loads of work in progress though...

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