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more than a journey [all but fetish]

definitely more than just a journey. a journey to court maybe. kathleen jennings, 19, a maths student admitted putting her feet on the seats on her way to chester. that caused her what happened to hundreds of other people. as the guardian reports, merseyrail has successfully prosecuted about 240 people under the 1993 railways act since february, when bylaws under the act came into force. it also strictly enforces a smoking and alcohol ban. a further 600 cases are in the pipeline.
however, the magistrates discharged her from a penalty that would have affect her future plans. i did so many times, particularly on trenitalia, putting the feet on the seats means making the latter cleaner!


Censurato said...

il tuo blog si fa proprio leggere

pm [x-novo] said...

eh già, come vedi si fa anche scrivere :P